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The Lord Takes Pleasure in his People

by All Things New Prayer Ministry

Sometimes God uses the physical things of this world to teach us spiritual truths.  In this story, He used the rocks on the shore of Lake Superior to teach me about His heart.  Recently, while camping on the North Shore, we met our friends on the beach for a worship service.  Surrounded by the beauty […]

Trust God in the Crucible

by All Things New Prayer Ministry

I’m thankful that these prayer clinics can continue  – because I know from first-hand experience how precious it is when we intentionally come into the presence of Jesus, and we invite him to meet us right where we are.   It is in His presence that healing comes. I want to tell you a little of […]

Children of the One True King

by All Things New Prayer Ministry

For me to even dare to stand before you, I have to remember who I am. I am a child of God, of Jesus, the Christ, the one true King. In Him I can do all the things He asks me to do. My focus today is on the phrase, “I have been set free.” […]


by All Things New Prayer Ministry

What do a broken arm, a tree along the North Shore, and the French Resistance during World War II have in common?  That is actually not a joke and there is not a punchline coming—these are all things that the Lord used over my summer to prepare me for what the fall would bring. In […]

Do you want to get well?

Last August, my husband and I reveled in two quiet weeks away from the hubbub of our busy household and the pressures of work at a secluded and beautiful farm.  There was time for walking, napping, talking and reading.  It was glorious.  But In the midst of this idyllic getaway, I started to notice little thoughts of worry […]

Healing Journey

God created us to live in securely bonded relationships and families.  We are conceived in relationship, and we grow and develop in relationship.  When we experience relational disconnection and separation, or rupture, we feel emotional pain. This pain (or its side effects) is there to let us know something is wrong — in the present, […]

Remodeling Project

Several years ago I was contemplating renovating my kitchen and having a hard time with the thought of change.  I sat down with a designer to put a sample computer-generated remodel together and I didn’t like what she wanted to do, at all.  It didn’t make any sense for my space and for some reason, […]

Woodland Steward

I’m the woodland steward at my house.  When we bought our home 16 years ago, we were attracted to the small woodland in the backyard – it seemed the perfect place for our 4 sons to ramble.  Little did I know at the time, how God would later use those woods to restore my soul. […]

Sand Swept

by All Things New Prayer Ministry

In the third week of January, 2009, my husband, Jeff and I had the privilege of vacationing on the Island of Hawaii. We took advantage of a Costco offer with an upgrade at the Hilton resort, and a car for an enticing bargain. In spite of a full fourteen hour travel day, we both knew […]

Follow the Musical Score

by All Things New Prayer Ministry

This is a story about woundedness, about loss and about music. (Names and details have been changed or omitted.)   A sister of a close friend died last month. From an overdose of heroin. In a field behind a Walmart in California. Her drug-addicted son, who introduced her to drugs, did not tell the rest of the family for more than three weeks.  Her […]